Would You Enjoy an Escape Room Adventure?

Escape rooms are the latest in entertainment. Some are scary, some are family-friendly, others are mysterious and require you to solve a series of riddles or even a crime before you can leave.

Escape rooms are physical, real-life adventure experiences, and they all involve a level of strategy, problem-solving, and teamwork to finish. For many, escape rooms are redefining fun and entertainment.

However, these rooms are not made for everyone. If you are thinking of trying a local escape room, you will want to consider the ideal visitor “type,” and see if it is the right fit for you.

  • Sense of Adventure: Do you love to try new things? Are you a natural problem solver? Then escape rooms are probably your perfect entertainment option.

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  • No Fear of Being Locked in a Room: Those with claustrophobia or any fear of being locked into a room may not enjoy escape room adventures. These individuals often become stressed and cannot enjoy the experience.

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  • Age: Most adventurers should be over the age of 10, but some rooms may require older participants.

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One misconception is that escape rooms are scary – but they are not. While some are haunted and scarier for Halloween-type events, most escape rooms are fun and never meant to create fear.

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Are you considering an escape room adventure for your next night out with friends or family? A/Maze Ottawa offers a fun, exhilarating escape room adventure – reserve yours today.