Turn Your Next Corporate Event into an Adventure in an Escape Room

Building a thriving corporate culture takes a lot of hard work and trust. It is not always easy to increase the bond of a team while in the throngs of tight deadlines and demanding customers. Sometimes it is easier to bring a team together in a space that is neutral territory. One such place is an escape room.

Why escape rooms are great for team building | A/Maze Ottawa

Here are a few ways an escape room adventure can be a great team-building idea:


Improve collaboration: An escape room activity requires your employees to work together to solve the mystery. Everyone wins and loses as a group.


Build mutual trust: When Bob from accounting gets to work with Dave in marketing, they can see how the two departments can trust each other to accomplish a common goal.


Develop conflict resolution strategies: Focusing on the same task under a tight deadline can quickly increase tensions that cause conflict. Using an escape room puzzle allows everyone to work together under less tense constraints.


Take time to debrief: Once your employees have completed their adventure, you can take some time to debrief on the good and not so good that happened. You can ask questions to encourage everyone to note the strengths of their fellow teammates.


Give team building a whole new look when you book time in an escape room. Your employees will look forward to new scenarios and opportunities to grow.

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