Congratulations, your adventure awaits!

The game will be fully guided via your smartphones. You need at least one phone per team with an account created and mobile data available. More phones mean more fun as you will be able to read the tasks from multiple screens. The game is almost like an indoor escape game, but outside. You will be solving puzzle by puzzle while entering the answers into your phones. 

To play you’ll have to create an account, please proceed to

If you see a box to enter the game code, you’re all set. The code and the rest of the rules you will get at the location before the start. Just show up on time. 

The meeting point will be here: 434 Sussex Drive

Before you go there, please get familiar with the rules:

  • You will be exploring the city to find its secrets. Treat them carefully.
  • Under no circumstances should you trespass on private property or break the law.
  • The game is guided via your smartphones. Anyone in the team can enter the answer.
  • When the answer is right, the system automatically refreshes the page for all phones in the team and goes to the next puzzle.
  • Lowercase or uppercase doesn’t matter. We accept all answers!
  • If you are stuck, that’s not a problem as the game has hints. Each puzzle has a different amount of hints.
  • All our hints are automatic. Each hint will arrive on its own timing.
  • First, you will see the button called “Accept the hint”. We built the game this way for you to be able to challenge yourself a little bit more: if you feel you can solve the puzzle by yourselves, don’t push the button. If you feel you need a hint – push the button to see it. Don’t be shy about accepting the next one and another one if you are stuck. 
  • If you are totally lost, with no idea how to solve the puzzle, don’t worry – the last hint is always the answer.
  • A help chat is located on the top right corner of your screens. Please use it only in case of an emergency.
  • At some point you might be using Google Maps. That’s a good idea, just do it! 
  • The walk between each puzzle should not take more than 10 minutes. You will end up approximately XX minutes walk from here, so need to go to Alta Vista or Gatineau. Also no need to come back to the start.
  • Your first puzzle will be right at the beginning, no need to go anywhere.


434 Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON K1N 9M6
Tel. 1.613.695.1661