Need a New Hangout for the Gang? Try an Escape Room

People are creatures of habit. We have daily routines that we go through day-in and day-out, week-in and week-out. They are so much a part of us that we do not have to think about them. Every Friday, we may head down to the corner sports bar to have a few beers with our buddies, or we may meet up with friends for dinner at a local diner every Saturday.

Bonding is great, but what do you do when the same old activities every week get a little dull? Why not change your routine up a bit and invite your friends for an evening filled with fun, adventure, and a little excitement? An escape room is just the ticket.

4 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Should be Your New Hangout | A/Maze Ottawa


Bond over a mystery. You can learn a lot about each other as you work together to put together clues and solve the puzzle presented before you.

Keep it short and sweet. The goal is to win the game within a short time-frame. Each escape room venture lasts around 45-60 minutes.

Everyone likes a puzzle. We all tend to want to solve puzzles. It is almost second nature, so why not do it with familiar faces around?

A good story makes for a great evening. Each escape room is designed to stimulate your grey cells and make interaction imperative — all within the context of twisted plots and exciting themes.

The next time your gang of friends asks what you want to do this weekend, suggest an escape room adventure. You will all enjoy the camaraderie that comes with working together to solve a mystery.


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Are you ready to build new memories while sharpening your cognitive skills? An escape room adventure can do all that and more! A/Maze Ottawa offers a fun, exhilarating escape room adventure – reserve yours today.