Looking for a Unique Party Idea? Choose an Escape Room Adventure

If you are the best man or maid of honour for your best friend, you have many responsibilities. One is planning the festivities of that last night of freedom, also known as, the bachelor/bachelorette party.

Make it easier on yourself when you book an activity like an escape room mystery. Afterward, head out to your favourite hangout to recount all the fun you had. Still not convinced? Consider these additional reasons to celebrate in an escape room:


Make It a Night to Remember:

The stereotypical party has everyone heading out on the town for drinking and bar hopping. Break the monotony and reserve an escape room. Everyone will remember the fun they had the next day, and for years to come.

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Accomplish It Before Dinner:

Most escape room scenarios last between 45 and 60 minutes. That leaves your friends plenty of time to head out to dinner and recount the fun you had.

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It Appeals to Almost Everyone:

It’s hard to plan activities for several people. The puzzles you find in an escape room are universally appealing. You will find that everyone in the wedding party will enjoy their time.

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A bachelor or bachelorette party is only the beginning. Is your mother’s 50th birthday coming up? What about your parent’s 25th anniversary? Why not celebrate these milestones in a new way? An escape room provides you the best adventure for making new memories.

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Enjoy the variety of scenarios and escape rooms to suit many different occasions. Reserve your real-life escape room adventure today.