Ideas for Hosting Escape Room Events

Looking for the perfect time to host an escape room event?  Luckily, escape rooms are multi-purpose, and you can use them for just about any life milestone, or even for career building.

Here are a few popular uses for escape room adventures:

Team Building Exercises at Work:

Are you trying to bring a department together? Nothing helps fellow employees work together better than an escape room adventure where they must work as a team, collaborate, and find a solution. It is also a great morale-building exercise for board members.

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Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties:

Instead of doing the usual party ideas, why not host a bachelorette or bachelor party in an escape room? It is fun and gives everyone a more memorable experience than the same-old traditions of typical parties.

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Family Night Out:

Instead of going to dinner and a movie, take the entire family out for an escape room adventure. Just make sure your youngest is at least ten years old so everyone can participate together.

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There is no limit to how you can use an escape room event. Birthday parties, a girl’s night out on the town, or even a double date can enjoy escape rooms.

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The team at A/Maze has worked hard to create a variety of scenarios and escape rooms to suit any event or milestone. Reserve your real-life escape room adventure today.