How do Escape Rooms Work?

Are you someone who thrives under pressure, enjoys problem solving and working in a team? If you answered yes, then our Ottawa escape room games just might be your new favourite activity. First, you’ll need to choose your adventure. Depending on the scenario you have chosen, you and your teammates will have anywhere between 30-60 minutes locked away in a themed room, left to find clues and solve puzzles. If you can successfully work through these, they will help you complete your mission and escape the room.

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Escape Room Rules

As with any structured game, there are a few rules you need to follow before you can get started. Typically, rules don’t carry a reputation for being fun but in the case of an escape room, they can actually elevate your experience. Take a look at some of the basic rules below:

  • Make a Reservation
  • Select Your Team Wisely
  • Age Restrictions
  • No Mobile Phones Allowed
  • Do Not Damage the Props


Common Escape Room Puzzles

While themes can vary from room to room, you can still expect some common puzzles to turn up. The following examples are some of the most frequent clues and puzzles you may come across:

  • Basic numbers and word puzzles
  • Physical puzzles
  • Light and sound puzzles
  • Hidden Objects
  • Visual Designs
  • Logic Puzzles
  • Combination Puzzles

Now that you have a better idea of how an escape room work, what are you waiting for? Put your problem-solving skills to the test and try out one of our unique and immersive escape room experiences today!

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Are you ready to build new memories while sharpening your cognitive skills? An escape room adventure can do all that and more! A/Maze Ottawa offers a fun, exhilarating escape room adventure – reserve yours today.