Escape Rooms Are Redefining Fun and Entertainment

Immersive Adventures for All Ages and Occasions

Transporting you into a world of excitement, mystery and adventure, escape rooms are a refreshing approach to holistic entertainment. Whether you are celebrating a milestone moment, looking for a unique date night idea, or wish to spend quality time with the family, escape rooms could serve as the perfect backdrop for numerous occasions. In fact, you could also consider using them for team skill building and other corporate events.

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At A/Maze Ottawa, we offer a fantastic alternative universe that you are never likely to experience in real life. Once you enter one of our rooms, you become an integral part of the fantasy that you have selected. For those 45 minutes, you live the life of the characters in that story and exercise your grey cells in an intensely exciting environment. From team spirit, competitive play and collaboration, to strategy, creativity and concentration, our scenarios call for several skills to be put to use in your quest to complete the mission. Our entertainment specialists share some insights on how escape rooms may be changing the very definition of entertainment.

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Top Occasions to Discover the World of Escape Rooms

Are you familiar with the concept of Escape Rooms? Before we delve into this fascinating world, here’s some background information.

  • When they first came up in Japan, in 2007, escape rooms recreated real-life versions of scenarios from the video game series, ‘Escape the room’.
  • Today, escape rooms offer a range of sensational mysteries, including rescue missions, chase and capture pursuits, investigations and whodunits, and so on.
  • Simply put, when you book an escape room, you and your companions will enter a themed room, where you solve numerous clues to accomplish a timed mission.
  • Depending on the theme, size of the room, location and complexity (ranging from easy to difficult), escape rooms allow between 2 to 8 people per booking, with 30 to 60 minute time slots.

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Who Can Enjoy an Escape Room? The answer is ‘almost anyone’. While most escape rooms have a minimum age requirement of 10 years plus, the variety of occasions you can plan around a room has no limits.

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  • Celebrate Events and Milestones: Celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a new job or some other special occasion? Hosting a bachelor/ bachelorette party? If you are looking for unique party ideas in Ottawa, why not consider an escape room? Before you head over for a meal or beverage, enter an adventurous universe of fun and excitement. Enjoy an adrenaline-pumping environment as you and your group crack a bunch of clues in your quest to ‘escape’. While accomplishing the mission within the set time frame will earn you attractive prizes, the real reward is the collective problem-solving and thrill of the game!

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  • Enjoy a New Kind of Hangout with your Group: Every social group has a special hangout spot that is dear to their hearts. If it’s friends from school, you may meet at your favourite old café. If it’s a local sports club group, you may frequent an onsite restaurant. If it’s neighbours-turned-friends, you may typically host each other at home. However, if you are exploring a new spot, or a new activity with your gang, or looking for fun things to do in Ottawa, escape rooms may be the perfect option for you. These inventive hangouts offer a vibrant environment where you and your group can bond over puzzles and clues. The buzz is electrifying; you must experience it first-hand to understand what we mean!

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  • Bond with the Family: Families often find it difficult to find common ground on what to do together. While one member likes picnics, another prefers to go to the movies, and yet another wants to just sit at home and relax. However, if your family is over age 10, escape rooms could be an interesting way of bringing everyone together, no matter what their individual preferences. Huddle over the clues, work as a team, appreciate each other’s strengths, and create one-of-a-kind memories. Family outings at an escape room can be a lot more fun than playing board games at home.

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  • Host Corporate Events and Activities: Looking for corporate team building ideas in Ottawa? Host a team event at an escape room, followed by a thorough debrief to discuss how individual team members performed during the ‘escape’. The themed games could be an excellent way to improve collaboration, coordination, mutual trust and conflict resolution amongst your team members. And what better way than an interactive, gamified experience in a safe and enjoyable environment! In fact, escape rooms could also serve as an inviting and entertaining venue for other corporate events, such as get-togethers, office parties, or an ice-breaker between new teams.

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  • Turn an Ordinary Occasion into a Special One: Escape rooms don’t have to be just a ‘special occasion’ venue.
    • Missing outdoor activities due to inclement weather?
    • Want to turn a date night into an immersive adventure instead of going to the movies or dining at a fancy restaurant?
    • Stuck in a rut and looking for a fun distraction from your humdrum routine?
    • Want to exercise your brain and also spend quality time with friends and loved ones?

Whether you are looking for fun things to do, unique date night ideas, or interesting ways to spruce up your social life in Ottawa, escape rooms are just the place for you. Host a great party, participate in heart-racing adventures, celebrate a milestone, or simply pretend to be someone else for the duration of the game. When you enter the wonderful world of escape rooms, you can turn any occasion into a special one!

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How do Escape Rooms Fit Varied Occasions?

Escape rooms are an extremely versatile place of entertainment. Not only do they serve as the ideal backdrop for special events and occasions, but they could potentially convert your most mundane day into a thrilling and exciting one.

  • Short and Sweet: Escape room games are time-driven, short-duration sessions. Most centres offer 45 to 60-minute long game plays. Hence, it is quite easy to combine an escape room session with your dinner or movie outing.
  • Universal Appeal: Solving puzzles is almost second nature to us humans. Add to that the charm of working with a group of familiar faces, and the entire experience reaches a whole new level of fun and adventure.
  • Its all About the Mind: Escape rooms offer a safe environment that only challenges your mind. You do not have to worry about any physical obstacles, or creepy sights and sounds that could potentially give you the fright of your life. Pre-teens, teens, adults or seniors, anyone from age 10 or 12 onwards can enjoy an escape room.
  • Everyone Loves a Good Story: A lot of thought and passion goes into the design of each escape room. After all, these venues are meant to tease your mind in the most stimulating and interactive manner possible. Moreover, everyone enjoys an interesting plot and theme, unexpected twists and turns, and the opportunity to become one with the characters of the story.

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Instead of squirrelling up at home or playing virtual games, why not treat yourself and your loved ones to a bold and inspiring world, where every second of every minute is an electrifying adventure!

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At A/Maze Ottawa, we pride ourselves on unique and immersive escape games that will challenge your mind with heart-racing scenarios and fascinating adventures. Crack codes, solve puzzles and unlock clues in a vibrant team setting as you race against time to complete your fantasy mission. When you enter our rooms, you can leave boredom at the doorstep. There will not be a single dull moment throughout the length of the game.

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With two captivating, themed rooms, and totally different types of game plays, you can opt for the one that appeals to your group’s age, interests and skill levels. We cater to all types of group events, including birthdays, bachelor/ bachelorette parties and corporate events. Our friendly and professional staff will be happy to assist you with special arrangements or any occasion-specific surprises. We want to make sure that you keep coming back for more!

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